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Cloudera, Inc. is a US-based software company that provides a software platform for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning and analytics that runs in the cloud or on premises.

On April 2019 a former employee wrote a review about the Cloudera poor management, published by Indeed: Impossible to move forward even during a restructure. There is no management support. Instead the feeling that employees are either watching all their colleagues go on to other companies with better positions, or stagnating waiting to get laid off.


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Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Impossible to move forward even during a restructure. There is no management support. Instead the feeling that employees are either watching all their colleagues go on to other companies with better positions, or stagnating waiting to get laid off."

Alliance manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are an Indian origin person with interest to join ANZ operations please think twice. Leadership is not an Indian friendly at Cloudera. Salary is good but local management is difficult to deal with."

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"There has been a lot of turn over in the last 6 months, a badly executed merger, and so many more issues since I began working for this company. Management need to allow employees to do their job and feel supported.Free lunch, paid benefits"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Cloudera has turned into a very difficult company to work for since the merger in early 2019. The Hortonworks/Clouder merger combined two completely different cultures creating significant challenges for employees. Executive leaders continue to leave the company, creating significant gaps in a consistent vision for employees. Leadership in various departments has suffered, and combined teams have ongoing challenges with decision making and staff guidance. Processes and procedures lack maturity and, unfortunately, Cloudera refused to adopt many of the mature and refined processes already implemented at Hortonworks. A once supportive culture led by amazing executives at Hortonworks, has turned into a horrible culture since merging with Cloudera. Benefits are amazing, and plenty of free food, but that can't compensate for the lack of motivation to go to work every day."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"People I work with Cloudera are genuinely good but I feel some managerial positions are steering things in the wrong direction and don't make it feel like a productive environment.Free lunchesBad management"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"When I started at Cloudera there was a lot of upside potential. Now, in 2019, I don't see much opportunity with this company. The biggest problem at Cloudera is related to corporate culture. There are major issues in certain departments where there is zero meritocracy and advancement is completely based on how well you get along with management. If you are planning to work at Cloudera, be ready to work your political skills if you have any plans for food and snacksculture sucks"

Customer Operations Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Overall, my experience there was pleasant. My colleagues and manager were helpful and I enjoyed my experience working with them. The problem has to do with upper management and how they were willing to destroy everything in order to please investors."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The work life balance is nice and so are the free lunch and snacks. Employees can be helpful depending on the department you are working in. It can be hard to get a promotion even if you have done so much for the company.Free lunches, good health benefitsIt's hard to get a promotion"

Lead Solution Architect (Current Employee) says

"The clarity of business purpose is refreshing. However, commpany is moving fromm roadmap planning to execution , and results are keenly watched by internal and external stakeholders.Innovation, LearningCompensation"

Customer Success Manager (CSM) says

"Good company, but there are a lot of RIFs that seem to come up and take a group of people every 6 months or so. Always have your resume up to date if you work there."

Office Manager/ Exec. Admin/ Facilities Manager (Former Employee) says

"Interesting company to work for.The company is growing very quickly.Engineers are greatlunch dailymanagement"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Bad leader ship. The current leadership came from horthonwork and they were very political and hostile towards employees especially those employees from legacy Cloudera. They recently laid off many people saying because of COVID-19, but that was BS. Talk to any former Cloudera employees and you will understand why. I can’t tell you here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Arrogance historically rewarded Lost cause Cross functional alignment non existent Abortive merger a sign of misguided management Lack of cloud strategy This company is 5 years behind due to aforementioned cons."


"Some people here very political especially management in Austin. Some people also have strong feelings to control and show that they are better than you. Rude words happen in working chat all the time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Lots of attrition and HR doesn’t seem interested in finding out why employees are dissatisfied. -Bullying and aggressive behavior is encouraged making it a sometimes toxic place to work."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"* Some people in management positions do not have the concept of work-life balance * There is a sense of competition rather than team bonding or working together * Personal career development is a myth here"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"mark this date down!! in six months this company will be a memory writing is on the wall when their top leadership weeks apart from each other "ALL" suddenly quits. false claims of wanting to spend more time with their families? ironically all happens four months after said "Merger" they all got paid out millions as they made a fast getaway! while the rest of the LHWX & LCLDR watched their investments take a market dive to $3..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are too many cons to list here. The one that stands out the most is upper management is incompetent. The current stock price speaks volumes about the management of this company."

Former Employee - Worker says

"Way too much disruption in way too little time. Employees were never set up for success with this merger. Management dropped a bomb and didn’t have any emergency equipment or fire trucks or police on hand to control the ensuing chaos. Some people saw this as war and used took their job titles as weapons. There is emphasis on job titles here and the company feels top-heavy now with no transparency. People are generally more focused on covering their tracks here than doing the right thing for the company. So difficult to get things done here because people are jockeying for power. Definitely do get a Lord of the Flies vibe working here. Compensation is below market average and new joiners are definitely given more generous pay packages than the loyal employees (BTW, this kind of wtf-inducing decision-making thrives at this company if you haven’t caught on). Management tried to penny pinch on raises and promotions but ends up having to offer more once that backfires and people leave. People applying here forget that employees leave bad managers. The company can offer you an attractive pay package nowadays but that position was open in the first place more than likely because the previous person left a bad manager, combined with a bad company. People also forget that the first employees to leave a burning ship are usually the smart ones. Recruiting can spin the attrition however they’d like but the smart ones are still the ones leaving."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"On my last day, my manager shook my hand and wished me luck with my future endeavors. He even said “I wish things could have worked out for you here” which I responded to with a coy smile and a fake nod. Problem is, if I rewound the reel of my experience here, every few seconds I would be able to pick out scenes that repeatedly demonstrated that my management…nor this company…nor HR…gave a damn about my existence until my horror movie was about to end and they realized that I was the one with the power. Starting from taking a paycut from my previous job in return for the “$30 per share” that recruiting happily advertised, to being burned out and taking involuntary compensation decreases every time the stock price fell 40%, to being left to fend off the post-merger mess on my own…there was nothing that indicated I was valued here with the exceptions of my close colleagues who I am now following to a better company :) and the one promo I got right before I quit which really came in handy when talking with the recruiters. This was a company filled with management that took advantage of us because they assumed they could…and continued to do so every year while lining their own deep pockets. At least karma is catching up to them. So much lip service from the top tiers over employee retention but the irony was that it got worse for us every time those lines came out of their mouths. Making things worse were the HR meetings with managers…basically around how to twist the facts and numbers and practically lie to employees. I stopped working more than 3 hours a day because this company needs its key employees more than it cares to admit. More stable than a government job and if you get fired with severance then lucky you. If you work over 6 hours per day you will likely find a spot reserved for you in CLDR heaven. Management and the director and higher levels overestimated their power to keep key employees…but it’s not that surprising given their overestimation of their own abilities. Everythings all about perception at this point…both external and internal…and a lot of money is being flung out the window on propaganda if it's not lining management's pockets. Like another review said, just look at the new logo. Wasn’t exactly donated by a branding agency to this company. Somehow marketing was able to get budget for A) new branding resembling Starburst that someone accidentally squashed on Halloween and B) post merger global offsite where everyone in the org was flown to HQ to bond. It’s rather obvious which execs are chummy with the (soon-to-be ex) CEO and get to spend the most money. My org got none of that because unlike the CMO we had a stingy leader up at the top…and when I quit…I still didn’t know who half the people on the team were because the merger was done in such a rush that we were pretty much working with people we didn’t know or have an opportunity to trust. So sad to see money flushed down the toilet while no resources were given to the people keeping the lights on. Most of the money in our org was wasted on clueless consultants for system integration who are notorious for serving as expensive meeting-schedulers and notetakers and getting in the way of the employees...what an expensive, trashy mess. At one point after the merger, I couldn’t even submit an expense report for reimbursement because of a system error…finance blamed HR for having an incorrect manager in Workday, HR blamed someone for not submitting correct manager information in WD…and there I was, just wanting to be paid. The most recent example of their obsession over controlling internal perception was a hasty email announcing a new HR chief…but nothing saying that the new HR leader quit after a week at this mess. Irony is that there is now a vicious cycle where everything affecting the employee population is done with secrecy nowadays because they are so concerned about how employees will perceive changes...and then employees in turn start trusting HR and managers even less."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In the All Hands this week, Tom was asked how much his severance is. It's roughly $16M (even at $5/share), plus a cash payout of $1M, plus 24 months of COBRA. 100% of his equity accelerated. And you'll notice he got a grant worth $2M in FEB of 2019, which is now completely accelerated. How does the board grant this to him knowing the ship was sinking? I'm sure the SEC will come calling soon. Glassdoor won't allow the URL, but if you search "Cloudera Form 8-K" you can find it there. Look at Exhibit A on page 12 for his equity breakdown." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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